45 Years of excellence

Pick School of Ballroom Dancing first opened its doors in 1961. Like most businesses with longevity the school changed names and locations over the years but its commitment to the trade and dedication to quality are uncompromised.

Rhona Pick and her partner Roy Hinton first opened the school on Divisidero in San Francisco and later moved to a much bigger space on 18th avenue and Geary where the studio thrived until 2007. Rhona and Roy were undefeated United States West Coast professional ten-dance champions, Roy Hinton and Rhona Pick. The dance team trained and competed throughout the US and Europe representing the United States in world championships in Berlin (1966), Zurich (1968) and London's Royal Albert Hall several years in a row. Roy retired in 1980 but Rhona continued to run the studio until 2007.

In 2007 her daughter Erin Pick  stepped in to take over the task of running the studio. Erin grew up in the dance studio learning from the best. Erin started her dance education at an early age with tap, ballet, jazz and hula. At the age of 8 she started ballroom and latin dancing. Throughout her career she has competed both professionally and in pro/am competitions with impressive results. Erin loves to introduce new clients to the beautiful art of ballroom dancing. " I love to see the look in their eyes when they feel like they are actually gliding across the floor for the first time"!

Today, Pick School of Ballroom Dancing is a prestigious school with an unblemished reputation. Located at 1532 Taraval Street San Francisco, CA 94116, it is a place where one goes to learn the wonderful art of ballroom dance, and indeed, numerous world champions have graced the dance floor at Pick, presenting breath-taking shows and seminars to wide-eyed dancers.

The school's alumni roster boasts dancers who have gone on to establish distinguished careers of their own. Some have taken up careers as professional ballroom dancers while others have founded their own studios elsewhere.

Be a part of San Francisco's classic ballroom dance school. Let Pick School of Ballroom Dancing teach you to dance, today.