Quinceanera Coming Up?

Schedule private group dance lessons for your special Quince waltz dance today!


What could be more fun than getting together your Quinceanera court and having private group dance lessons to prepare you for your big debut?

At the Pick School of Ballroom Dancing in San Francisco we specialize in the waltz and know just how to make you look your best with your ladies and gentlemen in their lovely outfits.

Why not learn some basic moves to keep everyone moving around the dance floor in style.

The waltz is a fun-to-dance and beautiful-to-watch crowd pleaser with turns and dips that will make you look like a princess amist your court on your special day.

  • $90/hr for 2 people or less
  • $5/hour for each additional person

Write to pickdance@gmail.com or Call the Pick School of Ballroom Dancing studio for scheduling information at 415.752.5658 and start your waltz off right.