American Viennese Waltz Beginner 1 Class

Starting Saturday October 20th 10am - 10:45am

1532 Taraval Street San Francisco, CA 94116 / 415.752.5658


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Viennese Waltz your heart out at Pick School of Ballroom Dancing to such contemporary favorites as:

At the Pick School of Ballroom Dancing Beginning American Viennese Waltz class you can learn how to lead or how to follow this timeless dance using dance moves like the natural turn, reverse turn, closed changes forward and closed backwards changes.

According to Wikipedia, what is now called the Viennese Waltz is the original form of the waltz. It was the first ballroom dance performed in the closed hold or "waltz" position. The Viennese Waltz is danced at about 180 beats (58-60 measures) a minute.

The original "International" Viennese Waltz is a rotary dance where the dancers are constantly turning either toward the leader's right (natural) or toward the leader's left (reverse), interspersed with non-rotating change steps to switch between the direction of rotation and consists only of turns and change steps.

Other moves such as the fleckerls, American-style figures and side sway or underarm turns are modern inventions and are not normally danced at the annual balls in Vienna but fall into the category of American Viennese Waltz.

If you'd like to read more about the American Viennese Waltz and its beginnings click here. Join us soon to learn some basic American Viennese Waltz to get you ready for this timeless and spirited dance!