Samba/Bolero Combination Beginner 1 Class

Starting Monday May 28th 7pm-8pm

1532 Taraval Street San Francisco, CA 94116 / 415.752.5658


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Samba gets your blood moving to great music dance like:

At the Pick School of Ballroom Dancing Beginning Samba class you can learn how to lead or how to follow this sexy, gyrating dance with steps like the natural, reverse and side basic movement as well as whisks, Samba walks and rhythm bounce.mambodancesmer

Originally developed in Brazil in Rio de Janiero with roots in Africa and the West African slave trade, the Samba is recognized around the world as the official dance of Brazil's Carnival. There are Samba Schools in Brazil that have as many as 5, 000 students. The different schools compete in the annual Carnival in a spectacle spectacular!

Modern Samba emerged at the beginning of the 20th century and is composed of a 2/4 rhythm with about 100 beats per minute. Often you will hear the instruments of string, tamborine, trombone, trumpet, flute and clarinet making this fun dance with the strong down beat. To read more about the Samba click here!

So get your swishy skirts and polyester shirts on and let's do the Samba at the Pick School of Ballroom Dancing in San Francisco!


It's fun to bolero to romantic dance music like:

At the Pick School of Ballroom Dancing Beginning Bolero class you can learn how to lead or how to follow this romantic waltz-like dance with figures like the romantic hip lifts and sway rocks, forward and cross over breaks and underarm turns.

The Bolero is an American ballroom dance introduced into to the US in the 1930s. It is danced now to a very slow Rumba like rhythm in 4/4 timing and has been called the Cuban "Dance of Love".

It is a left turning dance based on what is called a "slip pivot" and has body rise only, no foot rise. Coupled with dreamy, romantic Latin music - the dance shows off a powerful and graceful look and is loads of fun to feel the give and take as you dance.

Join us for this romantic and waltz-like dance and learn to Bolero!


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