International Foxtrot Beginner 1 Class

Starting Saturday June 1st 11:30am-12:15pm

1532 Taraval Street San Francisco, CA 94116 / 415.752.5658



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Everyone loves to International Foxtrot to great music dance like:

At the Pick School of Ballroom Dancing International Beginning Foxtrot class you can learn about how to lead or how to follow this nostalgic dance with figures like the feather step, three step and natural and reverse turns.

The International Foxtrot or Slow Foxtrot or Slowfox as it is sometimes called is a smooth progressive dance characterized by long, continuous flowing movements across the dance floor.

It is danced to medium to slow jazz swing music and has 4/4 timing characterized by 112 - 120 beats per minute.

"Distinctions exist between the International or English style of the foxtrot and the continuity American style, both built around a slow-quick-quick rhythm at the slowest tempo, and the social American style using a slow-slow-quick-quick rhythm at a somewhat faster pace." Wikipedia