International Tango Beginner 1 Class

Starting Saturday July 28th from 11am-12 noon

1532 Taraval Street San Francisco, CA 94116 / 415.752.5658


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Learn the dynamic and exciting International Tango to great music dance like:

At the Pick School of Ballroom Dancing Beginning International Tango class you can learn how to lead or how to follow this spicey dance with figures like the basic walk, progressive side step, progressive link and closed promenade.

Who hasn't dreamt of the drama and flair of dancing across the floor to the passionate music of an International tango?

International Standard Tango uses music of a medium tempo orchestral and is often march-like. 4/4 timing and tempos of 128-132 beats per minute characterize this exciting dance. The basic rhythm is Quick-Quick-Slow.

According to the International style Tango was adopted by the Europeans, specificially the English, and modified into a powerful dance with big movements and dramatic gestures including quick head snaps and direction changes.

Grouped together in competitive events with the smooth ballroom dances, the International Tango incorporated many of the patterns characteristics of Waltz and Foxtrot while still maintaining a unique character and look that separates it from other ballroom dances.