Salsa Beginner & Intermediate Class

 Every Tuesday Beg 7pm-8pm/Intermediate 8pm-9pm

Next 4 week Session Starts:

July 23rd

August 20th

*Note: Date listed is the 1st day of a 4 week session.

Beginning 1 Salsa 7pm-8pm

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Intermediate Salsa 8pm-9pm

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All classes run for 4 consutive weeks unless noted

Beginning 1 Salsa 7pm-8pm (Beginners Start Here)/Intermediate Salsa 8pm-9pm

Private lessons Available by Appointment

1 Private Lesson

View Salsa dancers performing at The Pick School!

New Students should start the 1st week of class.


1532 Taraval Street San Francisco, CA 94116 / 415.752.5658


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Learn dance figures and cool moves to Salsa the night away to fast, passionate music like:


At the Pick School of Ballroom Dancing group classes in Salsa can help you to learn how to lead or how to follow this "get your blood moving" night club favorite. Learn the salsa basic front and back and side and side, learn how to turn your partner and learn a cross body lead... and all the while working up quite an aerobic "glow".

According to Wikipedia, the Salsa dance movements originally came from Cuba and their dancing of the 1930's and experienced strong influences from the Mambo and the other Afro-Cuban folk dances.

Today we know of various styles of Salsa dancing based on geographical locations and cultural preferences such as the Cali style from Columbia, the Cuban style, the LA style and the NY and Puerto Rican styles.

Salsa is typically danced with a partner although there are recognized exceptions in the solo form, line dancing form and "rueda de casino" or "wheel"/ circle group form.

Salsa dancing can range from highly choreographed with lifts and theatrical elements associated with show dancing to freestyle and improvised with emphasis on lead and follow and musicality.

If you'd like to read more about the Salsa click here. Join us for some beginning group lessons in Salsa dancing to get you ready for your next date night.