West Coast Swing

*Beginner 1 Class 7pm-8pm/Beg 2 Class 8pm-9pm

New 4 Week Sessions Starting:

Monday July 22nd

Monday August 19th

*Note: Date listed is the 1st day of a 4 week session. 

Beginning 1 West Coast Swing 7pm-8pm

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Beginning 2 West Coast Swing 8pm to 9pm

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1 Private Lesson

All classes run in four weeks sessions/New Students should start the 1st week of class.

1532 Taraval Street San Francisco, CA 94116 / 415.752.5658

West Coast Swing... Just the very words conjure up wonderful dancing music like:

At the Pick School of Ballroom Dancing West Coast Swing Beginner 1 Class you can continue to learn how to lead or how to follow this smooth-talking dance with such steps as the “Sugar Push”, “Left Side Pass”, “Underarm Turn” and “Tuck Turn”.

Did you know the West Coast Swing is the official state dance of California?

The West Coast Swing comes from an earlier dance from the 1930′s called the Savoy Style Lindy done at none other than the Savoy Ballroom in NY.

When Dean Collins, a big dancer and fan of the Savoy Style Lindy, came to LA from NY to pursue a movie career he brought his version of the dance with him.

To make a long story short he won numerous Swing competitions and eventually danced his socks off on the big screen as well.

Needless to say the dance caught on like wild fire among young and old alike and the rest is history. Join us for this fun-loving dance and learn to West Coast Swing!