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Thinking of learning to dance? Why?

because ...
you like people, having fun with old friends, meeting new friends;

because ...
you like music, grooving with the tunes;

because ...
it's good exercise;

because ...
you are tired of feeling on the spot when social occasions require dancing, or when you see somebody you would like to get to know better (there is hardly a better icebreaker” than a fast turn on the dance floor);

because ...
you've always wanted and intended to learn to dance (and you've secretly known that you can!) ... Yes?;

Well then ... be Brave, be Bold … Dance! Really!

Join our beginning classes: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Dance Lessons will be at the studio at:

1532 Taraval Street, San Francisco, CA 94116

The four week series is $62 in advance (at least one day please) for one hour classes and $50 in advance for 45 minute classes. Drop-in students are allowed anytime for $20/person for the one hour classes and $16/person for the 45 minute classes. We accept PayPal on-line. See below. Or please call us at 415.752.5658 to use your Visa or Master Card over the phone. NEW STUDENTS ONLY may have one free class and pay the pro-rated rate of 46.50 (1 hour classes) or 37.50 (45 minute classes) on the night of class  (no make ups for missed classes). Minimum requirement per class is drop in rate of $20.00 (1 hour class) or $16.00 (45 minute class).

Beginning Classes Starting September 17th 2018!  

Beginning Classes Starting October 15th 2018!   

First time student? Discounted Rate!

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Introductory Special (One time offer only)

Single $277 and couple $338 for 3 privates and 4 weeks of group classes! Jump-start your dance education and sign-up today! Please note:  Group classes need to be taken for 4 straight weeks and there are no make ups for missed classes.

Introductory Package -- 3 private lessons and 4 weeks of group classes

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