Registration for Upcoming Group Classes/Parties/Workshops

Register With PayPal For Your Favorite Group Classes. All classes run for 4 weeks unless noted. Prices listed are for 4 weeks per person. Choose from the roll-down clickable menus below.  Contact us by telephone at 415.752.5658 or by email with any additional questions.

Group Class Policy

The first class of a group class series will always be taught. For the remainder of the class series to be taught, a minimum of 4 students must be registered for the entire class session. Drop-in students do not count toward the 4-student minimum.

Classes with 3 registered students are considered a semi-private lesson, and students may opt to continue with the lesson series by paying the drop-in rate. Classes with fewer than 3 students are considered a private lesson, and students may opt to continue by paying the private lesson rate.

If the class is cancelled due to under-enrollment, registered students will be refunded the remainder of their registration fees for classes that are not taught.

November/December Registration

Commencing Monday November 11th

Beginning West Coast Swing 7pm-8pm

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Intermediate West Coast Swing 8pm to 9pm

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Beginning 1 American Viennese Waltz 7pm-8pm

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Beginning 1 International Rumba 8pm-9pm

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Commencing Tuesday November 12th

Beginning 1 Salsa 7pm-8pm

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Intermediate Salsa 8pm-9pm

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Beginning Swing/Lindy 7pm-8pm

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Intermediate Swing/Lindy 8pm-9pm

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Commencing Thursday November 14th (No Class November 28th)

Advanced International Tango/Cha Cha 6pm-7:15pm (3 Weeks Only)

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Intermediate International Foxtrot 7:15pm-8:15pm (3 Weeks Only)

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Commencing Friday November 15th

Beginning 1 Argentine Tango 6:45pm-7:45pm

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Beginning 2 Argentine Tango 7:45pm-8:45pm

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Intermediate/Advanced Argentine Tango 8:45pm-9:45pm

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Commencing Sunday November 17th

WEDDING WORKSHOP Sunday November 18th 2018 10am-11:30am (Must Pre-Register)

Saturday Party December 7th 7pm-11:30pm

Holiday Party & Showcase! Lesson 7pm/Light Dinner 8pm/Showtime 9pm/General Dancing & Jack & Jill Competitions.

Featuring Tytus Bergstrom & Li Wen Ang along with Dale Neale & Erin Pick

Saturday December 7th Christmas Party 7pm -11:30pm

  Holiday Salsa Workshops with Wes!

Lead /Follow Workshop "tuning your steps to your partner"

Tuesday December 10th 7pm-9pm

This workshop will be focused on the lead/follow relationship and developing a feel for the lead/follow. Some common social dance problems we run into are: I only know/remember so many patterns... I can't tell what my partner wants me to do... What do I do when they do... We'll focus on getting away from "pattern" dancing and move in the direction of "partner" dancing where both leaders and followers can feel out what each other is capable of and how to dance to the edge of each others skill level. 

Salsa Lead/Follow Workshop with Wes 7pm-9pm

Musicality, Creativity and Club Style Dancing (on 1 & 2)

Tuesday December 17th 7pm -9pm

This workshop will be focused on rhythm, timing, and emphasis. Salsa music is dynamic, varied and soulful but can also be intimidating, confusing and difficult to sync up to. Here we'll focus on: finding your timing, syncing up with the music and your partner, how to get back on the rhythm without stopping, playing with musical cues, and an introduction to on2 dancing.

Salsa Musicality Workshop with Wes 7pm-9pm

Holiday Tango Workshops with Ylva

Musicality and Rhythm

Friday Dec 13th 7 - 9 pm

The music is an important part of the connection between dancers. As a leader you want to develop a creative sequence that uses the music for inspiration. As a follower you want to be able to help accenting the dance with adornos (embellishments) and help finishing a musical phrase. This workshop aims to give you a few sequenced pattern combinations that will help you to be more musical in your dancing. Mixed level class - intermediate level recommended. 

Tango Musicality Workshop with Ylva 7-9pm

Argentine Wals

Friday Dec 20th 7 - 9 pm

Argentine Tango also includes waltz tempo and although we use almost all the same patterns, there is a real difference in approach. First of all, the tempo is that of Viennese Waltz which means it is fast and makes it suited for little rhythmic syncopations. Argentine Vals also benefits from a lot of turning just like regular Waltz. This workshop will introduce combinations that flows nicely with the Argentine Vals music. Mixed level class - intermediate level recommended.

Tango Wals Workshop with Ylva 7-9pm