PLEASE NOTE: Sign up for only one wedding workshop at a time. We offer a wedding workshop once a month for your convenience. Listed below are two months at a time so you can plan ahead for your big day and take the one wedding workshop that works best with your busy wedding schedule.

Sunday March 19th 10am-11:30am (1hr and a half long)

Sunday April 16th  10am-11:30am (1hr and a half long)

At Pick School of Ballroom Dancing in the San Francisco Bay area you can learn steps and choreography to your special song and enter your dance floor on your wedding day with confidence and ease! Private dance lessons will make your first dance a dance to remember... so get started right away! Wedding Dance Lessons make a great gift! Visit our Gift Certificates page today.

WEDDING WORKSHOP Sunday March 19th 2017 10am-11:30am (Must Pre-Register)

WEDDING WORKSHOP Sunday April 16th 2017 10am-11:30am Must pre-register



Learn the essentials to becoming a great Balboa and Bal Swing dancer with swing dance instructor and performer, Jasmine Worrell. Starting as early as 1915, Californians have been dancing Balboa, which is a dance that incorporates intricate footwork with smooth body movements, creating a fast paced glide most enjoyed by the couple dancing the steps. The Balboa gained worldwide popularity throughout the 30's and 40's, and is still danced today throughout the world. Balboa Bootcamp will cover the basic hold, an introduction to lead and follow, the shuffling basic, transition, loly kicks, come around and toss out and repetition to music. This Bootcamp is 2-part, beginning on Monday, October 24th. The 2nd part of the Bootcamp will be on November 7th and will build upon what is taught on October 24th. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. No partner or dance experience is required for Balboa Bootcamp. Pre-Register in order to reserve your space in this special class. This workshop will be offered again in 201



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