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Wedding Dance
Want to "wow" them with a great first dance? Or maybe you just want to do something besides swaying back and forth. Think you have "two left feet" and dancing is something you only watch on TV? At Pick School of Ballroom Dancing a Wedding Workshop or private lessons can help!

Dances that are well suited for weddings are waltz and Foxtrot. Many couples combine a slower song with a faster song and dance swing or night club 2step. You could also dance a tango for your first dance. A great place to start preparing for your first dance is to take some group classes. Check out Beginner Group Classes! If you have chosen your first song and wonder what class would be best feel free write to and we will help you out! Please sign up for online wedding workshops and private lessons to prepare for your wedding dance!
Wedding Workshop Sunday, May 15th 1pm-2:30pm

Wedding Workshop Sunday, June 19th 1pm-2:30pm

Wedding Workshop Sunday, July 17th 1pm-2:30pm

One Private Lesson (1 hr) $95 couple

Five Lesson Package $450.00 couple

Group Classes $74.00 per person for a week session
(same dance/once a week)